Emin: ‘Everyone Needs a Breakthrough Moment’

Emin: ‘Everyone Needs a Breakthrough Moment’


Emin’s story may resemble a classic Hollywood film, but behind each success hide long days of hard work. One of his great successes happened while he was an exchange student.

During my FLEX year my host mother took me to Los Angeles, California. There we visited the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. I had already been singing and performing for years and as soon as I stepped into the hallway I knew that I would try to come back here as a student. It was such a huge dream.I wasn't sure whether it'd ever come true,' says Emin Eminzada.

But with the help of his host family this dream soon turned into reality. Having found out about the academy’s auditions taking place in Texas, his host mother helped him to prepare for them and then drove him to Dallas. There Emin recited a Shakespearean monologue and performed a song from a Broadway musical.

'Reciting Shakespeare even in my native Azeri language is difficult, but doing it in English, filling words with emotions and pronouncing everything correctly, that was an enormous challenge. Yet my host mother who is a voice teacher and who was my AP English teacher encouraged me to try and tutored me after school,' remembers Emin.

Nervous but determined, he presented his chosen pieces in front of the Academy committee. Less than a month later the admittance letter was put through his host family's door. Emin was admitted to the Academy on a scholarship! He couldn't believe the amazing news at first and kept rereading the letter for days.

Emin’s music career started a long time ago. As a little boy he was glued to the TV screen every time an opera was on. His parents initially wanted him to become a doctor, but seeing his passion in arts, his Dad took him to a vocal teacher to study opera singing. Currently in Baku, Emin is taught by a great Azerbaijani opera singer Fidan Kassimova.

'Classical music is the foundation of all modern music and it has always been very important to me. In primary school many of my peers couldn't understand its importance and for a period of time I had a difficulty explaining my passion to friends' says Emin.

However, his talent in singing didn't go unnoticed and in 2011 he was selected among other young performers to sing together with Robertino Loretti at his concert in Baku. 'That was my big moment. Together we sang two songs that were first performed by Robertino when he was 13. He liked my singing so much that invited me to take part in the national song concert in Italy a few months later' continues Emin. 'And I won it!'.

Upon his return home Emin was invited to perform at many other concerts in Azerbaijan and Europe, including at concerts with Robertino Loretti. He also won another singing contest in Spain and the Golden Microphone competition in Kazakhstan.